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Car Insurance:
The smartest thing to secure your car financially is by buying a car insurance policy. This would save your finances if your car meets with an accident, or falls prey to any natural disaster like floods, earthquake, theft, etc.

Two Wheeler Insurance:
There is nothing exciting than riding your bike wherever you wish to. Because for many, their two-wheeler is their personality. This makes it very important to insure your two-wheeler. Buying a two-wheeler insurance would save your money against the financial losses if your bike was damaged in an accident or say, robbed.

Health Insurance:
Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the insured's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the policy terms and conditions, the insurer either pays the insured in the form of reimbursement or offers a cashless facility at the listed network hospital of the Insurance Company.

Travel Insurance:
Travel insurance would help you tackle all the travel and medical contingencies while you travel abroad. It is utmost important to add travel insurance to your checklist while you plan your vacation, be it for leisure or business. Travel insurance is gaining back all its lost significance. The main reasons to buy a Travel Insurance is to avoid unforeseen conditions like

• Flight delay
• Loss of baggage
• Loss of passport
• Medical emergencies
• Emergency dental expenses
• Hospital cash allowance
• Accidental death
• Hijack distress allowance
• Financial emergency assistance, etc.

Home Insurance:
A home offers the peace, serenity and warmth that you may be looking for after a tiring day at work. Therefore, buying a home insurance is utmost important. It offers protection to the entire structure of your house and ensures utmost security for all the belongings that you may collected over the years. There are certain home insurance policies that offer coverage till 5 years. You would have to pay a premium based on the value of the belongings in your home.

Home Insurance Covers the Structure and Content of your home from below

Fire and Peril Cover:
• Due to Fire, Explosion
• Aircraft Damage
• Lightning
• Earthquake
• Missile Testing Operations

Natural Calamities
• Flood
• Hurricane
• Storm
• Landslide and Rockslide
• Cyclone, etc.

Man Made Calamities
• Riot
• Strike
• Theft or Burglary

Home insurance, however, doesn't include loss or damage due to nuclear perils, any consequential loss, damage due to war, damage or any loss due to pollution, contamination, etc. Also, valuables like bullion, gold and silver are not covered, however, if you wish to, then you can certainly opt for a special cover.

Marine Insurance:
Marine insurance is also known as Cargo Insurance. It covers any loss or damage due to cargo, terminals, ships and other transport or cargo through which any property is acquired, transferred or is held between two points that can be the origin and the destination point.

The various types of Marine Insurance includes,
• Cargo insurance
• Hull insurance
• Freight insurance
• Liability insurance, etc.

Rural Insurance:
Rural insurance helps to fulfil the requirements of rural and agricultural businesses which is the base of rural insurance. The motive of this type of general insurance is to ensure that working capital as well as assistance is offered to the rural families. This can be done in the form of income generating assets.

Rural Insurance includes
• Livestock such as goat, sheep, cattle, etc.
• Agricultural pump sets
• Plantation like grapes, rubber trees
• Sub-Animals including silkworm, honeybee, etc.

Commercial Insurance:
Commercial insurance is a type of general insurance that is usually offered to entities which are commercial like industries, businessmen, etc. It offers insurance cover to different business related requirements.

Commercial insurance provides insurance cover to industries like:
• Aviation
• Foods and beverages
• Oil and gas
• Textiles
• Telecom
• Construction
• Logistics sectors
• Pharmaceuticals
• Automotive,

Shop and Stock Insurance:
A shop insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to cover for a shop’s property and its contents within. Shop insurance covers for fire and natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes through our Standard Fire & Special Perils policy.

However, since properties like shops are always at a risk of burglary, So burglary policy is also offered in the policy. This way, your shop isn’t only protected from fires and natural calamities but also from damages and losses that could occur due to a burglary.

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